09 July, 2009

Statues of Poznań

Poznań is my least favorite of the larger Polish cities so far. The city has a very modern, commercial feeling, which reminded me of U.S. cities. My favorite aspect of Poland has been the older parts of the cities or "old towns" - usually dating between the 13-15 centuries. Don't get me wrong, Poznań has this, but in a more sterile-feeling style of architecture that overwhelms the city. And whatever older buildings they do have are mostly painted bright colors and appear new, despite their age. One of the new major commercial projects of the city was a brewery converted into a shopping mall (Stary Browar). This building was amazing, both architecturally and artistically. If you find yourself in the city, do visit.

The above series of statues were photographed near sunrise (a ridiculous 4:30am in the summer). I enjoyed the statues in Poznań - in fact, they were my favorite part of the city. As I awoke and stated taking pictures, many were still drinking, staggering out of the bars, hardly aware of the rising sun. A few requested I take their picture, thinking I was from the local newspaper - I obliged...

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  1. Wow! I am surprised seeing the clarity of these pictures.